KPMG – M&A Event

Case Study: Annual Report

Client Needs and Challenges
KPMG challenged Vstage with planning and executing their event for the publication of their annual M&A report. As this is an event that ordinarily takes place in a live setting, one of the main focuses was to create an engaging event. The client’s biggest requirement was to create a broadcast which paid attention to and impactfully highlighted the report – how to create a virtual event which would facilitate this and keep the attendee’s attention, the solution was to create discussion and analysis rather than going page by page through the report.

Early on, Vstage recognised that the way to make this event a success was through audience engagement and interactive tools. Broadcasting software event graphics and motion graphics could be streamed directly into the event, aiding in stepping away from a zoom call and giving it a more polished finish. Using the polls function kept attendees engaged and involved throughout.

A highlight element of the event was host Anton Savage, a favourite of the clients, which would ensure good interest from the audience right from the event announcement.

Our Approach
Vstage engaged with KPMG on the event format, and it was decided that a conversation with two organisation partners with a professional broadcaster would be a great way to launch and introduce the report. Having a professional broadcaster allowed the event content to flow and allowed the client and attendees to concentrate on their strengths which were the knowledge and understanding of the report being launched and discussed.

Following discussions with the client, it was decided that the best course of action would be to have an independent panel of experts in M&A to discuss the report. This allowed attendees to canvas several opinions from across the M&A landscape. This was chaired by Anton Savage. Key points were highlighted before the event and shared with Anton to ensure he hit all the important points and finished on time.

Pre-event, working with the event agency, we developed bespoke pre-event comms, design and delivery of virtual invitations, speaker instructions (both dial-in and in-studio), graphics, motion graphics and platform content.

Positive feedback from clients, attendee’s and external speakers. The event was delivered on time, on budget and on brief, including full technical run-throughs and dress rehearsals to ensure the comfort of all event contributors and hosts.

We also successfully facilitated the client in delivering core messaging, achieving high attendance figures with minimum drop-off numbers.

A clean-cut and professional production and the recording of the event for post-event distribution to the client and employees.