We are ISO 27001 and SOC 2 ready and will be undergoing our certification audit for ISO 27001 in Q4

Security Matters To Us

Your team is responsible for your organization's security. Vstage will help you take on that responsibility.

Our team has decades worth of experience handling event and 3rd party vendor specific information security and data protection issues and queries. We will leverage our experience to support you, giving you peace of mind that your environment is secured in line with industry best practice and most importantly secured in line with your organization's unique requirements.

Your security and data protection teams will want to continuously assess your setup and we’re ready to help you make them feel comfortable. We’ll use our experience to facilitate and expedite lengthy vendor related assessments and processes - either leading out the engagement with these teams directly or providing you with indirect support to engage with them confidently yourself. We will work to ensure your focus can remain primarily on what is most important to you - executing excellent events.

Attendees can be authenticated in a number of ways - only allowing emails with a certain domain, sending a specific invite with one time passcode or link, two factor authentication, or indeed any way that your security team would like or require us to authenticate your attendees.

We do not retain user data and only hold it for as long as it is required to carry out the event and delivery of the post-event report where required. We have a retention policy of 90 days unless otherwise requested from our clients.

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