Vstage gives you everything you need to drive your audience engagement effortlessly. Create customisable and secure online venues that are as persistent, intermittent or ad-hoc as you need. with multiple stages, rooms, and networking facilities.

Vstage empowers you to develop your culture and community by creating engaging multifunctional spaces that focus on bridging the gap between your remote and in-person audiences.

Increased Reach & Growth

Grow any audience, with any message, anywhere, with unique spaces tailored to your team’s delivery requirements. Persistent spaces, coupled with Live streaming through Vstage, empower you to reach those previously difficult to or beyond your reach and keep them connected to you. The use of persistent spaces coupled with Live streaming through Vstage empowers you to reach those previously difficult to or beyond your reach and keep them connected.

Engagement Hub

Empower your people to easily create highly customisable, persistent spaces and improve their ability to connect and gel as a team. Vstage as an Engagement Hub is ideal for teams or groups dispersed by either geography or circumstance but are looking to tackle these issues in a way designed specifically for how we all work and live today. We believe that teams are created from within, so Vstage has been designed to create unique workspaces that give teams of all sizes a chance to create and control their engagement journey. To feel connected to an organisation or group, people first need to feel connected to their immediate team, and Vstage is the solution to help them do that.

Team Collaboration

Successful teams are built and fostered from within. Vstage creates new opportunities for collaboration and socialisation for any group, empowering people with the tools to engage one another in the way that suits them best at any given time and place. These connections are driven through the single or blended use of the product’s extensive functionality. Looking for a more intimate small session? Create a dedicated Room. Need to reach a wider audience? Try a webinar. looking for something more casual or fun? Turn that webinar into a bingo hall or embed online games into your digital workspace. The options for bringing your team together with Vstage are limited only by what you can think of.

Lead Generation

Standing out from the crowd is more and more difficult when it comes to attracting the attention of your partners, clients and prospects. Fatigue has set in regarding the running and attendance of off-the-shelf and soulless webinars.

With Vstage, you can create unique public or private spaces and invite your partners, clients or prospects to engage them in a new and engaging way every time you reach out to them.