Vstage gives you everything you need to make your events happen effortlessly, with a customisable and secure online venue with multiple stages, rooms, and networking facilities.

Vstage empowers you to develop your culture and community through engaging events that focus on bridging the gap between your remote and in-person attendees.


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Bespoke Lobby
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The registration process is the first step in the experience of your event. You don’t have to have people register for the event, but you can manage everything from the invite list to tickets here. You can manage the online and in-person attendees all from one place, and make decisions about who gets to access which part of the event.

Your registration experience is branded and bespoke to your event, ensuring that the timing and everything from the look & feel to the tone of voice matches your design.
Your security team will want to check our setup and we’re ready to make them feel comfortable. We’re happy to go through any vendor processes needed.

Attendees can be authenticated in a number of ways - only allowing emails with a certain domain, sending a specific invite with one time link, two factor authentication, or indeed any way that your security team would like us to authenticate attendees.

We do not retain user data and only hold it for as long as it is required to carry out the event and delivery a post-event report where required. We have a retention policy of 90 days unless otherwise requested from the client

We are ISO 27001 and SOC 2 ready and will be undergoing our certification audit for ISO 27001 in Q4.
On arrival to the event, your attendees are made to feel welcome in the lobby area. Of course it looks and feels like your lobby, and your attendee experience is bespoke as well - do you want people to play a game? Interact with each other? Watch videos?

What’s the message you would like to highlight before the event begins?

How do you want your attendees to feel while they’re waiting for the event to begin - is it fun or is it serious?

Would you like to involve some corporate gifting here - let people know that they can earn points during the event and spend those on company swag, or pre-send some activity support - for everything from drawing classes to pizza making.
Vstage1 is the main platform for your event. This is where the headline event will be broadcast - whether it’s live or pre-recorded, whether it’s a presentation or a show, whether it’s broadcast or interactive.

An event countdown will add to the tension, and you can either invite people into the room or automatically enter them when the event begins.

Your attendees have so many opportunities to engage with your content here, if you would like them to. All of their interactions can count towards the Leaderboard, where they can earn points (or just kudos!) for their comments, gifs and reactions. Your choices are limitless here for how you would like them to respond to and interact with your content - they can offer comments, gifs, photos, filters and even voice.

If they post a question, or click on the “help” icon, one of our live support agents will respond to them immediately and offer assistance - whether that’s tech support or questions that need to be answered by your team or collated for the presenter to answer.
You can have as many stages as you want at your event, and arrange them and the access to them in any way you would like.

On any of your stages, your content can include polls, offering another way to interact with your attendees, both remote and in-person.

If you have attendees from multiple locations, or with access needs, you’ll want to deliver your content in the best way for them to experience it. That means closed captions in the language of their choice, or audio in the language of their choice. It means sign language interpreters who can be superimposed on the screen, or recorded with the video. It means image descriptions and AAA rated accessibility features.
There’s so many reasons to want to breakout people into different rooms, from working groups to ERG’s, opportunities for teams to share and discuss team specific content to Ask me Anything sessions.
Vstage 1
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Vstage 2
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Breakout Sessions
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1:1 Networking
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GIFS/ Comments/ Reactions
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How can you make your networking more interactive and interesting? Use a landscape of your choice (video game layout, garden, known location) and as people enter the location and explore they can either come across other people or be introduced. As you “walk” near to another person the option to video call with them will appear and as you walk away they will fade from your view - just like in real life! This is a virtual lobby for serendipitous and ad hoc conversations.
There’s lots of ways to enable networking - whether it’s those chance meetings in the coffee break or in a more organised fashion, connecting people in groups or 1:1, for social and topic related conversations.
Interactivity is a key measure for engagement, and we offer lots of ways for your attendees to interact with each other and with your content. From customisable Reactions/Emojis to comments (moderated, of course) and Gifs. Reporting post-event will allow you to understand not only how much content was consumed and for how long, you can report on the reactions and comments.
Here’s where the party gets going - get the glitter balls out and encourage everyone to join in!
Everyone loves a funny photo! There are filters galore, and lots of opportunities to use the photo booth as part of your activity plan - treasure hunts, dress up contests or creative use of the filters all add to the attendees’ experience.
Here’s where everyone can share the great photos that they’ve produced.
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Photo Booth
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Photo Gallery
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Video Gallery
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Here’s an area just for your pre-recorded video content - whether it’s an opportunity to watch back some of the main event content, or some training/information or even entertainment and experience content ready for your attendees to watch.
Your attendee experience is greatly enhanced by using notifications - countdowns to the next scheduled session, position on the leaderboard and comments from other users all serve to include your remote attendee in the experience and drive them to enjoy the event as you would like.
Your entire event and all of your attendees enjoy access to our live team for Support. Whether someone clicks on the help/chat button, enters a question in the comments, or needs help with captions we’re there to make sure they enjoy the event. Of course the live team also moderate your comments and photos to your specification (especially if there’s a party element!)

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